Texas liquor laws changed in the early seventies allowing on-premise liquor sales for the first time since Prohibition. Bombay Bicycle Club was built very early in that movement and was the classiest joint in town. The magnificent back bar built by Brunswick in the 1880’s, heavy, turn-of-the-century furniture, and elegant chandeliers from a Kansas City hotel gave it a certain old-world charm.

San Antonio had never seen anything quite like this before. From day one, Happy Hour and late nights were off and running. Having no kitchen posed a lunch problem solved by a  sandwich buffet on the bar, a build-your-own affair. A hearty sandwich, a handful of chips, a cold beer, or a frozen margarita (a drink we helped pioneer) for a couple bucks, and the BBC lunchtime tradition was born.

Times change, a kitchen was shoehorned in behind the bar, the patio was added, a few proud veteran couches were retired making way for some booths, and a new food adventure began. The kitchen, while tiny (96 sq. ft.), does an amazing job. Blessed with some true culinary pros, we consistently deliver fresh food of high quality and value. Sometimes we get swamped, and patience is required because doing it right is more important to us than being quick. So, take a lesson from our legion of customers, have one of our award-winning margaritas, relax, enjoy our decor, and let the good times roll.

Our Location

Sitting at our bar, you will be yards away from the springs that sustained our first settlers over 10,000 years ago. Yanaguana, the Land of Spirit Waters, was the name known to the people that lived under these oaks, by this river, protected by these limestone hills.

This convivial spot has been a special piece of geography for a while. Located where the Hill Country meets the Coastal Plains, where the Chisholm Trail crossed the river, where the Pan-American Highway intersects Interstate 10, ours has historically been a place where friends and cultures meet.

Our Community

Bombay has always been a neighborhood place, and Boy, what a neighborhood! The Zoo, Pearl, Brackenridge Golf Course, historic Monte Vista, funky River Road, Olmos Park, Mahncke Park, Trinity University, and Tobin Hill. Throw in a few office buildings, Ft. Sam Houston and Downtown just an exit away, and you have a pretty wide slice of San Antonio.

CEO’s, elephant handlers, movers and shakers, sitters and thinkers, Mayors and mowers, the chic and the not so chic, old folks and college kids, the brilliant and the pleasantly bizarre, all rubbing shoulders at this classic American Bar and Grill. Just the sort of place travelers always seek but seldom find.


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