BOMBAY Burgers

    • BOMBAY Burgers

      Our 6 oz. Texas Angus burgers are built your way on a sesame seed or whole wheat bun with your choice of mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce, onions, pickles, and tomatoes. We serve them with a handfull of fresh cut fries or potato chips. Veggie patty substitution is available. Substitute tots .50 or salad 1.50.

    • BOMBAY Hamburger


      An absolute "classic" 

    • BOMBAY Cheeseburger

      BOMBAY Cheeseburger


      Served with American cheese

    • Bacon Cheeseburger

      Bacon Cheeseburger


      A juicy burger with American cheese and crisp smokehouse bacon

    • Chili Cheeseburger


      Our BOMBAY cheeseburger served with our spicy Texas chili

    • Luxe Veggie Burger


      Premium veggie patty with grilled mushrooms, Swiss cheese and avocado

    • Bean Burger


      A San Antonio original- our BOMBAY burger topped with refried beans and a mound of Fritos

    • Jalapeño Burger


      BOMBAY Cheeseburger is topped with jalapeños and dripping with more cheese

    • Mushroom Swiss Burger


      What could be better than sautéed mushrooms and tangy Swiss cheese

    • California Burger


      Biofuel for the soul - melted Swiss cheese and guacamole

    • BOMBAY Patty Melt


      Simple pleasure: a cheeseburger patty on Texas Toast with mayo and mustard 

      add grilled onions ..................................... $0 .50